Thursday, February 21, 2008


Here's a special gem. Upon turning, one can see broad flashes or shimmers of blue light. This light phenomena is called "adularescence". Adularia or Adular is moonstone. Therefore "adularescence" is the light that comes from a moonstone. The moonstone closely resembled the various phases of the moon as you turned it, hence the name. Theoretically.

Indian lore states that moonstones provide the wearer beautiful visions during sleep. They were sewn into clothes, unseen, to induce fertility. And it is reputed to have calming effects and positive energy.

Most common varieties of moonstones are white, milky and translucent. They also come in orange, green and brown and have a soft sheen at best. But most exceptional quality moonstones are transparent with intense blue color flashes. There's quite a bit of difference in prices of "milky" and "colored" moonstones versus the "classical" fine blue specimens. With the transparent variety becoming more and more rare.

One word to describe it, though, is tantalizing. It just draws you in. Like gravity.

-Inset are earrings of fine blue moonstones with seed pearls and diamond pave in white gold.


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful!

annecaroline said...

beautiful earrings!

Candifier said...

Love it!!