Friday, June 20, 2008


While this blog serves its purpose quite well, I'm now ready to move everything to my official web page at:

Its just been quite difficult managing two different addresses at the same time. BUT...not to worry, all archives have been moved to the main site and I have maintained the blog feature so I can still keep all of you updated as always.

It's still a work in progress but at least you'll get to see new things every time you drop by for a visit.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Rose cut diamonds

...or "diamante" in the vernacular has been making a comeback of sorts lately. Along with the renewed interest in Victorian/Edwardian style jewelry. It's popularity actually never waned for businessmen and entrepreneurs as it is said to bring in luck. This stems from diamond's characteristic of being the hardest substance on the Moh's scale; all other gems scratched and shattered beside it. Ergo the thinking that this certain imperviousness, or "luck", would also be attained by the wearer. Rose cuts were actually one of the earliest types of "cutting" done on a diamond. They did not have the technology to saw through diamonds then so they just crudely grinded the tops off diamond roughs and noticed the patterns looked like rose buds from the top hence the name. I personally like how subdued it is compared to a full cut diamond. It sort of glows from the inside as opposed to the sharp sparkle a full cut presents. Which is not actually any better...just different.