Saturday, February 2, 2008

hot rocks!

It's February again. The so called season of love. To which i never understood why the birthstone originally assigned for February is the amethyst. Amethysts were believed to protect its wearer against seduction and drunkenness. Which is totally the antithesis to the "wining and dining", and so on and so forth activities during the love month.... don't you think? I find nothing wrong with the stone per se; in fact i love purple. But for February I propose a more fitting example of passion through Fire Opals. Whereas the most recognizable white and black opals are found in Australia, it is in Mexico where fire opals' only significant deposits in the world lie. They were the preferred symbols of fervent love by the Indians, Persians and Central Americans long before diamonds became popular. Obviously due to its fiery warm glow! Below is a Mexican Fire Opal pendant with orange sapphires and diamonds in yellow gold.

They're really just fascinating to look at. And I didn't really need to design anything so elaborate for it as the gems stand out on their own.


me said...

Please post reading your blog

Mariel said...

How nice! I bought some gorgeous cocktail rings when I visited... IN QUIAPO hahaha. But one day I'll drop by Aum and get something as lovely as these :)