Thursday, January 17, 2008


What exactly is "Aum" and why did i choose the word "Aum" for my jewelry?

initially i wanted a simple, one syllable word. Unique and easy to remember. and related to both jewelry and the complete woman.

"Aum" is derived from the latin/scientific word for gold, which is "aurum". "Au" in the table of elements.

"Aum" is also the one word mantra, chanted to destroy negative elements of the mind, body and soul. therefore achieving balance. and this relates to the woman, who despite the many different roles she plays in her life, still maintains to be successful.

there's a certain warmth you feel when you pronounce the word "aum". very organic and natural. and i have noticed my designs, at least for the moment, have been evolving this way. (evolving BUT not being trapped in the design paradigm, thank god)

Below is a leaf inspired bangle with a soft organic finish. i used diamonds as sort of a "stem". i really like this piece and was one of the first items i have sold at Aum in TriNoma. The same series leaf earrings (which have also been sold) can be seen in the background.

a stark contrast to what i started out designing. masculine, architectural pieces. as seen below.

but be it organic, modern, architectural, warm, cool, etc... i still find that i always like things clean. and i guess i still have a certain look, as I'm told.

but anyway, let this first post be a preview of the new pieces, old pieces, and maybe random posts on gemological and jewelry matters. if you want anything in particular discussed, send me a message and let's see what we can do.


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tes&julius said...

thanks for sharing your website...awesome!!! very stylish collection you have :)

tes & julius