Thursday, January 17, 2008

on display

Aum Jewels was originally conceived to bring alternative designs to more people. We do, in fact, purchase jewelry as personal adornment above all. To be beautiful. To be unique. People now have increasingly refined tastes that they overlook the fact that this very human trait to express ones self through jewelry and accessories has probably been around since man was still walking on all fours. BUT i digress.

I am only one of the designers featured in Aum. I also showcase friends who are as passionate as i am in designing equally unique and beautiful pieces. and these designers are:

Patrick Valero - a Graduate Jeweler Gemologist whose items can also be found in Amanpulo. bold silver, jade and tourmaline pieces. very oriental

Kristine Dee - a Pratt alumni, who makes all her pieces with her own hands. she has come out with several one-man-shows already, showcasing her art jewelry. very feminine style

Jul B. Dizon - who needs no introduction; is an institution locally for painstakingly designed and crafted nature pieces.

as you can see, the store has no doors. and has no corners (at least the walls). the brightest areas are the display cases. and all the jewels are treated as pieces of art. which they should be. allowed to stand out on its own. of course jewels looks different when its actually worn so, yes, all pieces can be tried on.

a favorite item is this rose/white gold earrings with diamonds, pink sapphires and rubies set all around.

and lastly a picture of my display.

looks better up close and in person ;)

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Candifier said...

Isn't it time to replace your stock of JBDJS? :)